My name is Tashina Viola and more than anything else I am just a being that is seeking my own truth, peace and love - wanting to share this journey with everyone else and support and help others on their journey. 

I grew up rooted in the practices of the North American spirituality; sweat lodge, drumming and singing, meditation and nature were all part of my daily life. This is why the techniques and rituals of meditation, yoga, reiki, lama fera and sound healing seemed so natural and familiar from the very first moment I encountered them. In the middle of my teenage years I knew I needed to dive into a consciousness and awareness practice for I had lost the feeling of connectedness and rootedness I had experienced during my childhood. Yoga and meditation found me quiet spontaneously and unexpectedly and were the initiators for my further quest that compelled me to travel the world and eventually encounter Reiki & Lama Fera. Eventually this journey, this quest carried me right back home. I found home within myself for we are already born full, always complete - right here and right now. This insight seems so simple, so unimpressive but it is the source of our freedom, of our fulfilment, of the feeling we are all looking for and all missing in our daily lives. All the methods I use finally point towards this truth, this anchor, this state of completeness. By using Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Lama Fera and Sound Healing I simply target different layers of the body, mind and spirit. Through this unique combination we are able to remove blockages that prevent us from allowing this pure source of energy and life to freely flow through us. All my work; every class, every workshop and every 1:1 session are here to bring you back to this truth, to this freedom, to this connectedness to your completeness.

 I would be very honoured to connect with you and share this yumminess together. 


Vinyasa / Hatha / Yin - Teacher Training - 200 hr @ Crete, Greece

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training @ Pokhara, Nepal

Lama Fera Level 1 Training @ Pokhara, Nepal

The Art of Touch (Adjustment) Advanced Yoga Education with Mathieu Boldron

Singing and Music Education 2012-2015 @ Basel, Switzerland